Congratulations to our World Age Group.

Congratulations to our World Age Group Qualifiers. 
Good Luck Competing at Worlds Nov. 14th - 16th.

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Welcome to Elite World Gymnastics

Home of the "Elite World Gymnastics" Competitive Team!

At Elite World Gymnastics we offer a program that can meet your child’s and your family’s needs. We have girls and boy’s recreational gymnastics for all levels, competition team gymnastics, cheerleading, aerial acrobatics, trampoline, tumbling, and so much more.

Why Gymnastics?

“Gymnastics helps teach young people great lifelong skills, including teamwork, fitness, self-discipline, and other important values which sustain a healthy and successful approach to life.”

Steve Penny, President of USA Gymnastics

Children in today’s world have hundreds of new activities available for their enjoyment. The list ranges from video games to television programs to sports and music activities. Unfortunately, the benefits are not always proportionate to the amount of time kids spend on their favorite activities.

As an after-school activity, gymnastics has been growing dramatically in popularity each year, and with good reason. Parents are becoming increasingly more aware of the sport’s health and educational value, while children just want to keep up with an activity that helps them feel good about themselves, both physically and emotionally.

Gymnastics is more than just another sport. It is an activity that offers something different to each participant. In gymnastics, the highly active child has a positive outlet for their energy while the less-physically-motivated child is thrilled by learning a skill suited just for them.

Developmental gymnastics is composed of such a myriad of skills that children of all abilities can enjoy the challenge of learning new and exciting skills each time they attend class. This provides an opportunity for repeated success experiences that motivate the child to strive to new heights. These success experiences build the self-esteem and the self-confidence needed to enjoy the many challenges of life.

Gymnastics is a fundamental activity that provides all the basic tools children need to be successful in life.

What will your child gain from his or her experience at Elite World Gymnastics?

The Inner Child - Concentration, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Self-Esteem and Self-Respect, A love of learning.
The Outer Child - Self-awareness, Strength, Coordination and agility, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Fitness Habits.